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Paul John Bold Single Malt Whisky



Country: India
ABV: 46.0%
Size: 700ml

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Following their ‘Edited’ release, Bold is a fully peated single malt from Paul Distilleries. Peat is brought over to Goa from Islay for Bold, where it is used to dry their 6-row Indian barley. The Bold uses six row barley that is sourced indigenously, typical amongst most indian and a few american distilleries but distinct from the more popular 2 row barley. The barley is dried from heat dervied from firing up peat, and gets influenced from the dried, decayed vegetal matter, lending it a respectable 25 pppm; the peat itself is sourced from abroad, none other than from Peat Mecca, Islay!

The wort post fermentation is first distilled in the distilleries’ bell shaped wash still following which the contents are relayed over to the onion shaped spirit still before being matured exclusively in casks that previously held bourbon. The copper pot stills here were custom made for the distillery, built with long necks with the intention of achieving a fruitier character. Although there isn’t an age attached to the expression, the warmer temperatures act as a catalyst, accelerating age and hence flavour, colour and character to the whisky.

Tasting notes:
Nose Fragrant toasted barley, dried grass, a little kipper smoke, citrus peels, green apple and brown sugar.
Palate Honeyed oak and fruity coffee with that Islay peat again making its character gently known. Spicy porridge, lime and dry toast.
Finish Peaty, peppered oak.

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