Evian Natural Mineral Water 1.5L



Country:  French Alps

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Where does evian come from?


French Alps

evian natural spring water starts as rain and snow that falls onto a glacial plateau in the French Alps.

Glacial Plateau

An area created 50,000 years ago during the Ice Age when glaciers melted and created a unique geological landscape.


The water naturally filters through layers of protected underground rock for over 15 years. When it emerges at the evian source; it contains naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals and a neutrally balanced pH of 7.2, which gives evian its unique, crisp taste.


The water emerges at the foot of the alps in the town of Évian-les-Bains, where the evian spring was first discovered over 200 years ago. We have great respect for this region and the water it provides. For over 25 years, we’ve been in partnership with the local community to continue to protect this natural resource so our water can be enjoyed today, tomorrow and always.

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