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Benedictine Dom



Country: France
Size: 750ml

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Back in the 1700’s however when Benedictine was first produced by a Venetian monk, sourcing 27 botanicals including angelica, hyssop, juniper, myrrh, saffron, aloe, arnica and cinnamon must have been quite the challenge. A half-Century or so gap in production at the beginning of the 19th Century followed, before the original recipe was re-discovered, modernized and put back into production. Today the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, but we know that it is distilled in copper pot stills and aged in oak barrels for at least a little while.

Tasting notes:
Aroma: Fresh citrus peel, cardamom, cedar wood, nutmeg, sage and
Taste: Silky, honeyed, lightly spiced with saffron, ginger, cardamom, cloves and citrus zestiness.
Aftertaste: Warming notes of mocha coffee, fudge, vanilla and pine sap emerge and last through the zesty, saffron and gingerbread finish

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